Features of Examserver
1.1 User has to Login to attend the Exam
1.2 User can test his skills in various fields
1.3 User can know the result of Exam
1.4 Bar chart at the end will show the result in terms of percentage gain and loss
2.Who can use this ExamServer
2.1 The companies can use this product to recruit the Candidates
2.2 The Students can use this product to test his skills
3.Target of the Project
3.1 To Be used effectively by the IT Companies and also the Persons who wants to test his skills
4.Problems Faced
I developed a same product in Servlets and I really wants to explore my open source stuffs, the same product has came in form of LAMP.
4.1 To retrieve the users and questions from the session
4.2 To allow minimal time to select the choice and to stay for long
time after displaying the results
5.1 Admin as user Feature has to be improved
5.2 User has to get Permission from "Administrator" for attending the Exam
5.3 User must be not allowed to write the Exam more than once
5.4 Display of Exam results must be stored for later Display
5.5.Appearance of the ExamServer can be improved a lot
5.6.Questions must be selected as random from the question Bank
5.7 MySQL Database has to be normalized
If you have any Issues feel free to ask and the developers/Testers are always welcomed to improve this product

7.Logic behind ExamServer
7.1 The questions are stored in MySQL database.
7.2 Session handling is used to effectively for storing the questions and the answers
7.3 Apache server is needed to handle the PHP pages
7.4 Refer the manual of PHP for more information to connect PHP with MySQL
7.5 crypt() function is used to encrypt the password from the user
7.6 The page is refreshed to allow minimal time to select the correct choice
7.7 The object oriented analysis and design approach is used in order to reduce the coupling between the modules and to increase the cohesion of ExamServer
7.8 If the user has lost the password, only admin will have the facility to change the password of other users.